The purpose of Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE) is to make a difference in the education environment by providing quality service, and staying on top of cutting-edge technology and training strategies.

TIE curates lesson resources, provides instruction for the best uses of internet tools and provides customized support on the best pedagogical strategies to support learning. TIE strives to be a source of professional development which assists and empowers educational communities to respond productively and responsibly in a networked global society. Today’s professional development incorporates current technologies with traditional strategies to provide participants with experiences focused on their current practice, meeting learners where they are and taking them to where they want to be.

TIE professionals have both wide and deep content knowledge in the educational topics relevant to schools. They utilize effective techniques and research-based approaches to assist educators in growing their instructional practice and leadership capacities.

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PLDC LogoThe Professional Leadership Development Center (PLDC) is a non-profit organized established in 1995 to offer professional growth opportunities for educational leaders. PLDC provides future-focused professional development and customized support services to current leaders, those considering leadership careers, educators pursuing continuing education credit and those who wish to learn more about effective leadership.

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MCCL_FinalLogoThe Maine Cohort for Customized Learning (MCCL) is a statewide coalition of school systems, organizations, and individuals committed to supporting proficiency-based education in Maine school systems.

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“Empowering and Motivating for Today and Tomorrow”

In July of 2007 the Board of Education for the LUSD adopted the District Strategic Design. The Strategic Design was developed through a series of community meetings that included 120 parents, staff members, board members, learners, and community members. The Strategic Design established a clear Mission for the district, defined the Core Values, the Guiding Principles to be used when making decisions, the Vision for the future and our Life Long Learning Standards to be developed in each of our learners.

Developed by the community and adopted by the School Board, the implementation of the Strategic Design is transforming all schools in the district into standards-based schools in which all learners will reach high levels of academic and personal excellence with the opportunity to pursue the professional future of their choice.

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Bea McGarvey has consulted with educators throughout the US and Canada in the areas of teaching and learning, leadership and organizational development. Her knowledge and experience is a result of the thirty-year career she enjoyed in Maine schools – as a classroom teacher, as a middle school counselor and administrator, and as a district and state leader, including serving as Executive Director of Education for the Portland Public Schools and as President of Maine ASCD.

Bea received her B.S. and M.Ed. degrees from the University of Southern Maine and is proud to be a partner in Total Leaders Associates, a Senior Associate at Marzano Research Lab and a faculty trainer for International ASCD. She is co-author of The Future is Now: Shifts and Trends That are Redefining Organizations, Careers, and Life and Total Leaders: A Leadership Curriculum.

Bea’s theory is that all children are born with an inherent will and motivation to learn.  Creating learning environments which do not extinguish this natural drive has been her mission.

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Chuck Schwahn has made his professional life a study of leadership and effective organizations. For the past thirty years he has worked with businesses and school systems throughout North America providing consultation and training on the topics of leadership, change, personnel practices and future-focused strategic design.  His work with businesses and school systems is based upon his study of leadership and his successful eight year experience as Superintendent of the Eagle County School District and as leadership and planning consultant to Vail Ski Corporation in Vail, CO.

Chuck, who is the co-author of Total Leaders, a bestseller book published by the American Association of School Administrators, is also co-author of two recent releases for AASA – Total Leaders 2.0 and Learning Communities2.0. Chuck received his doctorate from the University of Massachusetts where Ken Blanchard of The One Minute Manager fame, was his doctoral chair.

Chuck is one of ten children born and raised on a Lakota Native American reservation in South Dakota. He is enjoying a successful career that has placed him in nearly all of the critical roles of the education profession. He has taught middle school and university students, been a successful high school coach, an elementary and secondary school principal, an assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction, and personnel and the director of a state service center for organizational development.

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